Fleur de La Vie

Elegant Muse



季節性繡球花、玫瑰、六出花、洋桔梗的美麗組合,採用獨特的包裝紙以優雅的風格排列。 🔸備註:本產品需提前 2 天訂購。 🔴請注意:會員級別優惠價不適用於情人節、母親節、平安夜、聖誕節及元旦日。 A beautiful combination of seasonal Hydrangeas, roses, Alstroemerias, Eustoma arranged in elegant style with unique wrapping paper. 🔸Note: This product needs to be ordered 2 days in advance. 請注意:因應季節、收割、批發市場供應等因素,未必每種花材都每天有貨供應;如果相片中的襯花及葉材在製造花束當天沒有貨到,花藝師便會用相近顏色及形態的適當花材取代。 但主花不會改變(例如 : 玫瑰花, 屈金香、繡球花...)。 有任何問題歡迎Whatsapp查詢再下單。 Due to factors such as seasons, harvesting, wholesale market supply, etc., not every flower material is available every day; if the lining flowers and leaves in the photo are not available on the day the bouquet is made, the florist will use other similar colors and shapes replacing it/them. But the main flower will not be changed (for example: rose, tulips, hydrangea...). If you have any questions, please Whatsapp to us before placing your order. Thank you.