Fleur de La Vie

custom made orders 想定製你的花束嗎



歡迎定製。 較為熱門時令花材或「花藝師即日推介」可即日訂即日送(✅以早上10:30前落單為準),請直接WhatsApp 到67690202 與我們花藝師商議詳情。 價格將因應花材而定; 與我們聯絡後,客戶將收到相關付款連結以便支付款項。 Customization is welcome. The more popular seasonal flowers or "Florist Choice of the Day” can be ordered on the same day and delivered on the same day (✅orders placed before 10:30am in the morning shall be accepted). Please WhatsApp directly to 67690202 to discuss details with our florist. The price will depend on the flower material; after contacting us, the customer will receive the relevant payment link for easy payment. 🔸要瀏覽QR code內容,請點按著QRcode 然後選在Instagram開啟, 參考我們官網以外的款式或自定定製。 🔸To browse QR code content, tap QRCODE and select Open on Instagram. More bouquets for your reference.

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