Fleur de La Vie
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送貨政策:我們的目標是按照您在訂單中要求的收貨地點以及在您的訂單結帳時我們指定的運送日期(在訂單確認中更新)將產品運送給您;如果我們預計無法在預計的運送日期送貨,我們將嘗試通知您。但是,在法律允許的範圍內,任何由於延遲運送而對您造成的任何損失、責任、成本、損害、收費或費用,我們不承擔任何責任。 (注意:付款後無法取消訂單,因為付款後,我們的花店將為您準備所有材料。我們將不為所準備的相關材料的浪費負責, 敬請諒解。 You cannot cancel your order because our florist will prepare all the materials for you after payment. We will not be responsible for the waste of related materials prepared, appreciate your understanding. 🔴有關急單: 請注意:所有要求即日訂即取或送的訂單,必須於早上10:00am前完成支付,我們才能準備所需的花材,否則未能達成你的急單, 敬請見諒。如果任何疑問,請WhatsApp 或致電我們先確認。 🔴For all orders that require same-day pick-up or delivery, payment must be completed before 10:00am in the morning, so that we can prepare the required flowers, otherwise your urgent order cannot be fulfilled, appreciate your understanding. If you have any questions, please WhatsApp or call us at 67690202 to confirm.